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Other SEN Children Support

English ICU Class

"English ICU Classes" are designed to help primary school students who have fallen behind their school work to a great extent due to the great disparity in English standard with that of their peers. The goal of the program is to help improve the standard of these children in the English subject so that they can catch up with their school work within one year.


The English ICU Classes are run on weekday afternoons. Children who need help can register with our Centre.

Parent Talks

We organise parent talks at regular intervals on topics that would be interesting and helpful to parents of SEN children.

Sensory-Based Family Activities Workshop

‘Sensory-Based Family Activities Workshop’ is a program run during the summer holidays. The program helps parents learn how to integrate sensory training into daily life, making the learning process of SEN children more enjoyable. We invited Ms. Sanne Fong to oversee the event. Ms. Fong is an occupational therapist with decades of professional experience. After participating in the game experience, children can learn to build an effective way of communication with their parents.

Executive Function Training Programs
for Pre-school Children

This is a program run during the summer holidays. The program is planned by Ms. Sanne Fong. It helps SEN children learn self-discipline and interpersonal skills before entering Primary 1.

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