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Core Development

English Centre

Through the weekly English Classes and Parent Support Groups, we can get to know the parents, serve their needs and bring God’s love into their families.

SEN Support Centre

In the past 7 years of teaching experience in English classes, we came across many childrens who have special education needs. Our SEN Centre strives to provide diversified services to those children, including play therapy, parent counselling and programs for dyslexic children.

Parent-Child Centre

This is another one of our dream sections. In the Parent-Child Centre, in addition to giving a comfortable playroom, we also provide talks and classes related to parenting, childcare. We hope to let parents and children grow together in joy and laughter.

Please visit Our Services for individual services.

Today, we have a team of caring and selfless volunteers and countless organisations and professionals who are willing to walk with us. While looking forward to the future, we have identified several areas for core development:

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