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🌟🎄Christmas Children's English Musical🎄🌟

Date: 17 December 2023

Venue: Shatin Pui Ying College Hall

🌈 The weekly English classes of S.O.A.R. Education Foundation encourages students to read English story books and take part in English-based extracurricular activities to learn English and reinforce their learning through application-based activities. Our annual “Christmas Children's English Musical” is a big event that provides an opportunity for all our English students to perform an English musical to reinforce their English learning and boost their self-confidence.

This is our 6th English musical. The size of the musical production is much bigger that our past musicals. It is also the first time that all students participate in 2 performances on one day. Let us give all our students a big applause. This will not be possible without the cooperation of all our parents and more than 50 volunteers helping out on the day, and the grace of our Lord. Praise be to Him.

“Little Star, Big Mission!” A little star wants to deliver a gift to the little King. As he struggles to find the gift, he illuminates others along the way without even realising it, and became a blessing to many people! We hope that all our students are little stars that will shine brightly in their lives to achieve their mission in life and also be a blessing to other people.

《HK01》has published a news article on our Christmas Children's English Musical. Please click to the following link to read the article.

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