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Parent Power-up Gathering

Date:7th March 2023

Our first Parent Power-up Gathering commenced on 7 March 2023. Usually it is parents who cheer for their children while parents’ feelings and needs often seem to be neglected. Therefore, we would like to cheer up busy parents through this 90-minute activity, so that parents can relax and have a “Me Time” knowing that God is with them and they are not alone. We hope that parents will go home with the strength from God.

The theme of each gathering is different. For example, we will discuss parenting skills, challenges children are facing while they are growing up, how to build a good character, how to deal with children's performance that is not up to standard, revision tips, etc. Of course, we will also have some fun such as sharing a meal over a cup of tea with the parents from time to time. Interested parents can contact us at 2768 8300 for more information.

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