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Reading Program for Dyslexic Children

Reading Program for Dyslexic Children

The "Reading Program for Dyslexic Children" is a Chinese reading training program for dyslexic children. Children learn through activities, games and pratice. The program is designed on the basis that parents accompany their children to class, observe their children in class, and then practise with them at home every week. Through the program, children make great progress, gain confidence and are no longer afraid of learning.

  • Target


Primary school students aged 6-12 with dyslexia, and their parents.

  • Objective


The "Reading Program for Dyslexic Children" is an evidence-based program that provides learning support for primary school students with dyslexia. We expect students to be able to read 70% of the Chinese vocabulary of their school-age peers after three levels of study.

  • Content

The program will be conducted in three stages, each with (i) parent workshops and (ii) parent-child play-training groups which are coordinated to empower parents to help and support their children.

1. Parent Workshops:


The workshops teach parents to understand and practise methods and techniques to promote their children's Chinese reading ability on the one hand. On the other hand, the workshops also aim to provide ways for parents to relieve their stress and build a platform for parents to help and encourage each other. There are 10 sessions per stage, held once a week (90 minutes) on weekday mornings. 

(ii) Parent-Child Play-Training Groups:

In the parent-child play-training groups, children learn to improve their reading ability through activities and games. Parents will observe and learn how to practise with their children at home. There are 10 sessions per stage held once a week (90 minutes) on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings and afternoons.

  • Curriculum Development and Coordination

Honorary Advisor: Dr. Leung Man Tak (Associate Professor, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, Faculty of Humanities, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Dr. Leung has contributed to the development of therapeutic strategies for children with dyslexia in recent years, and has made significant contributions to school-based programs in Hong Kong.

  • Class Start Dates

Classes start in January, May and September every year


Parents' Testimonial



回想當日報讀「生命互補」的「中文認讀班」初期,女兒有很多中文字都不認識,亦缺乏自信。自從參加了「生命互補」舉辦的中文認讀班後,見到她有明顯的進步,而且也變得主動、有自信,遇到不認識的中文字,她會主動問我和查閲字典。以前她中文默書較差,參加「中文認讀班」後,她成績進步不少,默書也開始拿到100分了。感謝 「生命互補」和導師的悉心教導




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