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Language Disorder Program


Language Disorder Program

The Program

Children naturally develop their language abilities at different stages. Delay in language development will result in difficulties in their learning process.

Our professional team has developed a set of parent-oriented, evidence-based strategies to help children with language impairments. By training parents to use these strategies in daily life to improve children's language expression, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of other individual language therapy to be received by these children. 

  • Target

Our "Language Disorder Program", launched in 2022, is designed to support children ages 3-6 with language disorders and their parents.

  • Objectives

Our Language Disorder Program has two main objectives:

1. Parent empowerment: We give parents information about the process of language development, as well as ways to improve children's language abilities and help children improve their language communication skills.

2. We provide early intervention, assessment, and follow-up training services for children.

  • Content

The Language Disorder Program is conducted in 3 phases and completed within one year. Each phase consists of (i) parent support groups/ workshops; (ii) parent-child language play-training groups; and (iii) home training. All there are designed to empower parents to teach and practise with their children at home, which is very helpful for their children's language development.

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1. Parent Support Groups/ Workshop


There are conducted once a week by a speech therapist and group leader in small groups of 8-12 people. There are eight sessions in each phase. Each session lasts 90 minutes and takes place on weekday mornings. Parents learn the developmental stages and needs of small children, ways and techniques to improve children's language skills, and ways to relieve anxiety and stress in the peace.

2. Parent-Child Play-Training Groups

Speech therapists, assisted by A team of trained volunteers lead the parent-child play training groups. There are five sessions per phase, and they take place every other week on weekday afternoons or on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Parent-child play-training groups train and improve children's language skills through activities and teach parents to practise with their children at home.

  • Start Dates

Classes start in January, May and September every year

  • Service Team


Honorary Program Consultant: Dr. Anita Wong (former Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong)

Service delivery: Speech therapists (with experience in training children)

Assisted by: Our team of trained volunteers

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We are grateful to the Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited for their sponsorship of the Language Disability Program.

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