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English Special Support Program
English ICU

S.O.A.R. started English Classes for underprivileged children in 2014. It is amazing how fast time flies and we see how children in this English program grow and improve. Apart from our weekly English Classes, we started our English ICU Classes in February 2021 to further assist hugely sub-standard children to cope with their school English syllabus. After nearly 6 months’ tutoring, we are very encouraged and happy that the first batch of students who ‘graduated’ from the English ICU classes have passed their final exams in June 2021 with flying colours. English ICU was officially launched in September 2021.


Through targeted teaching methods, the English ICU Program hopes to enable hugely sub-standard children to achieve the following three goals within one school year:

  • Have a good foundation in English

  • Overcome difficulties in learning English

  • Catch up with their school's English curriculum

Parent’s Testimonial

*為了保護隱私,本文中所用的名稱為化名。(Chinese Version Only)





Words from Project Planning Group
Mary Cheah (CEO of S.O.A.R.)

Ms Cheah is the initiator and planner of the English ICU Program which is a pilot project for students who are very much behind in the English subject in school. Urgent intervention in the daily learning habits of these students is needed to help them catch up with their normal school curriculum.

Since these students have relatively weak foundation in English listening, spelling, vocabulary and grammar, it is difficult to expect them to catch up with the school's English curriculum by themselves. In order to solve this problem, the planning team decided to build in a phonics crash course to improve the students’ English spelling ability. At the same time, these students are taught basic vocabulary and grammar knowledge. The objective is to enable them to master simple methods of learning English, and gradually enhance their self-confidence and progress in English learning.

The goal of the English ICU Program is to help these students lay a solid foundation as soon as possible within the school year, so that they can cope with their English lessons in school. So far, the students have made remarkable progress. We hope that they can overcome difficulties in learning English quickly through this Program.

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