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Religious Program
for Children

The topics covered in this program matches with the messages delivered in the Parent Support Groups. We have specially designed lessons and activities for children of different ages for the Children Bible Classes. Each lesson will contain the following elements:

Singing Together.jpg
Sing Together

The Children Bible Class begins with children's worship, including singing and prayer. 

Bible verses.jpg
Bible Verse

The tutor will lead and encourage the children to recite a short bible verse. We hope that children will establish the habit of reciting bible verse as they grow up.

Bible story.jpg
Bible Stories

The tutor will use our carefully crafted small models or pictures to tell stories from the bible in a lively manner.

Thematic Activities

The activities consolidate the understanding of the teaching themes in the bible stories.


After reading the Bible story, the tutor will guide the children to review the content of the story through questions.

Craft or Activities

The Craft or Activities session includes small craft projects or activities for children to learn the teaching themes. 

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