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Motor Skills

Motor Skills Program


This program provides occupational therapy group training for children.

  • Target


K2-P3 children and their parents.

  • Objective


This Program has two objectives: (i) enhance children's sensory integration, small muscle, writing, emotional control and self-management skills; and (ii) empower parents to support and help their children.

  • Content

This program will be conducted with a combination of (i) parent workshops and (ii) parent-child play training groups which are coordinated to empower parents to help and support their children.

Motor Skills Parents Briefing
1. Parent Workshops


The workshops teach parents to understand and practise methods and techniques to promote their children's sensory integration, small muscle and writing skills on the one hand. On the other hand, the workshops also aim to provide ways for parents to relieve their stress and build a platform for parents to help and encourage each other.

2. Parent-Child Play-Training Groups

In the parent-child play-training group, children learn to improve their sensory integration, small muscle and writing skills through activities and games. Parents will observe and learn how to practise with their children at home.

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