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Support Services for Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

SEN Centre

Our SEN Centre provides early intervention services for underprivileged children with learning disabilities, and helps children who are waiting for government support. This service is formed through the cooperation of a voluntary team composed of professionals in the fields of medical care, education and social welfare. It provides initial screening and intervention for the development of children with special educational needs, hoping to reduce the degree of their developmental obstacles and increase their chances of getting back on track at an early stage.

SOAR's early Intervention service will initially help children with language, dyslexia and intellectual disabilities. In response to these special educational needs, our professional teams have prepared different parent-oriented courses to train parents to use evidence-based strategies in their daily life to improve their children's language expression, comprehension skills, and Chinese recognition and reading skills, etc. Our purpose is not to replace professional help but to enhance the effect of other individual professional treatments which may be available to these children. Our SEN courses are generally divided into three parts:


  • Parent-Child Play-Training Groups: Therapists in different fields and trained volunteers provide small-class training in these parent-child groups to help parents practise strategies to help children improve various abilities through games and activities. Parents and children need to attend together.

  • Home Training: Parents will practise with their children at home based on the strategies and skills learned in the parent-child play-training groups.

  • Parent Support Groups: Parents will attend additional parent support groups every week to: (i) reinforce strategies that can help their children from a professional perspective; and (ii) help them deal with their own and their children's learning problems from a Christian perspective.

We hope that these parent-oriented courses will not only enable parents to assist and support their children with special educational needs, but also empower parents and children to grow up in body, mind and spirit together through a healthy and happy learning process.


We have been conducting the following programs for SEN children:

  • Language Disorder Program

  • Intellectual Disability Program

  • Reading Programs for Dyslexic Children 

  • Life Skill Programs (Executive Function Training Programs)

  • Motor Skill Programs (Sensory-Based Family Activities Workshop)

Daycare Center
Language Disability Program
Emoji Balloons
ADHD Program
Cuisenaire Rods
Motor Skills Program
Wooden Toys
Children Play Therapy
Alphabet Beads
Reading Program for Dyslexic Children
Intellectual Disability Program
Other Support for SEN Children
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